#33, Birds at the Canal

:) Hello again.

It's the holidays (for one week!) Yes, so it's time for more nature exploration :P It was quite interesting today... today's wasn't so much of an exploration but rather an impromptu thing to visit the canal, and I was definitely rewarded to see birds! :D

Collared kingfisher, seems to be quite common around this area. In fact, I saw two of them!

Yet another shot of the Collared Kingfisher.


Scaley-breasted Munia
These birds are rather common around grassy area though it's really my first time seeing the around. They were in a group of around 10 birds. It was so exciting :) And they're really cute, love their beaks. Previously, I'd posted on seeing the white-headed munia, another species that is rather uncommon in Singapore.

Some more shots of the munia. It's really cute:)

More shots of the cutesie Munia.

Oh and it was quite sad, when I saw this bird cos it was stuck on the side of the canal. It seemed quite sick. I wanted to rescue it but I really didn't know how ): Sigh. Anyway, I'm not sure if it's species, anyone help?

Coooool (and perhaps, last) trip:)

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