#13, Trip to Lorong Halus

Found the time finally to blog!

:D It was waaaaaaay cool to visit Lorong Halus, a used landfill. Well, for starters, there were many insects and birds along the way! :) Lorong Halus was previously actually a mangrove area and thus the rich biodiversity in that area. It used to house many local/ migratory birds like the green shank (from Siberia) & the herons but not many anymore.

Sorry for the mass-spam in photographs ): Generally, I felt that the peektures weren't fantastic this time because of the motion blur, poor composition & overexposure. We started at around 8 a.m. so the insects were all warming up in the light morning sun & morning dew were a pretty sight (:

Animalia, Anthropoda, Insecta, Odonata

These creatures are known as the 'jewels of the sky', because of their shine :)

This guy here was rather immobile as it was warming up in the morning sun, while we took advantage of the situation, snapping tons of photography of it.

These dragonflies have solid compound eyes, & go through a larva stage in the water, before emerging as adults by climbing up reeds/stems of aquatic plants. Besides that, dragonflies are known to be carnivourous, feeding on other insects or even other dragonflies!

Stray dogs around the area. Ms Wang said that we shouldnt wonder about the place on our own, these stray dogs could bite, and only dare attack when youre on your own. Well, these dogs were already checking us out when we arrived (as you can see from the photograph).

Artificial sand duneeees. Well it seems like the area is rapidly developing, lotsa nature areas are being destroyed at alarming rates.

Apparently, that day we saw quite a few lizards. Here we go, Lizard 1!
Lizard 2! This lizard here is two coloured! Cute eh? I think it's the changeable lizard. Correct me if I am wrong.
Lizard 3! This lizard was sunbathing. Cold-blooded animals like the lizard require thermoregulation and are ectothermic, whereby it absorbs heat from a heat source (usually the sun) to raise its body temperature if it is too low, or go into the shade if its body temperature of its body.
A dead snake was spotted as well. I dont know it's I.D. Has a red neck, and is rather small in size.

Butterfly friend!

Dragonfly mating. It really was done in mere minute. O_O Haha.

Stink bug
True Morning Glory
These morning glory are the so-called 'true' morning glory because it has tendrils. These flowers change colours Along the way, we also saw the miniature morning

Photographers at work

A cucumber-like plant.


Joe said...

What camera do you have? The shots are great.

EUNICEEESH(: said...

hi joe,

I use a canon 350D. for my shots, i use the kit lens & 75-3oomm lenses. :)

Joe said...

I recently purchased a canon rebel xti that came with a 18-55 mm & a 75 - 300 mm lens. i recently purchased a 28 - 300 mm lens that i have not really tried in the field too much. your camera takes nice shots.

EUNICEEESH(: said...

ah, I see. that camera's one generation newer than mine :-)

yeap, focal length at 300mm gives great depth of field. your 28-300 mm lens would be very useful, so you don't have to change lenses so often ;)

Im still improving in terms of my shots. you should check out http://www.naturephotosociety.org.sg - a site where nature photographers of singapore gather to post their nature photographs.

their photography standard is truly there :-)

thanks for visiting anyway!

Shawn said...

Eunice, the dead snake you saw was a juvenile Spotted Slug Snake.