About This Blog! :)

Hi there!

I created this blog with the encouragement of Ms Wang to write about the exploration trips I go on. Now, this blog has "expanded" (of some sort) to nature findings or even interesting science related stuff that I find :) I dont know very very much and am still learning, so do give your constructive comments if you can. Thank you!

I kinda like birds (!!!! munias!) and sometimes insects. Also, Im currently schooling and hence the science-related stuff sometimes. And diving is something I would like to do often, though I am unable to do so very frequently because of $$-constraints, haha.

I'll add on if I find the inspiration.

See you around.


P.S. For those who are wondering about my blog name, it's just a word play on the phrase, Yours Naturally... I'd thought people would sign off with 'Truly Yours", so I left it as "Naturally Yours" but only to realize to my horror at a later stage that it's actually "Yours Truly". But anyway I'm cool with it as long as people don't misinterpret it ;)

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