#06, Secret Garden

This is meant more for the aesthetic (and somewhat poetic) value; nevertheless it is still very much simply Nature. I really cherish every single moment of serenity, peacefulness (: Thank God really for the wonderful gifts that He's given to us.

The photographs here are not edited at all & they may not be the best, but still Id like to share with you all!

As the winds sway,
The leaves move along.

Such movements trigger life;
As the fruit grows.
It bears seeds.

New life is formed
Each time a seed germinates.

What's most admirable is that it attracts life,
The very essence of the Earth.

Still, the works of the maker.

A leaf, a shade.
What more can one ask for?

A singular flower,
Awesome and mighty even on its own.

A pineapple fruit,
So delicious, so refreshing;
Nature's sweetness.

Nature has a heart;
And thus a heartbeat.
Are we in sync with it?

Patterns, patterns;
Observable patterns.
This is nature's fantabulous way of amazing people.

As a myna looks on,
He too, is awed by nature.
He need not worry for his next meal,
For it'll all be provided.

Oh, the green green grass

& so, the Great Escape.

It was a lovely walk, in the morning (: Someday I'll bring someone special there. Meanwhile, await the Semakau blog post. I havent found time to finish it!


Joe said...

Great shots!

EUNICEEESH(: said...

thanks! they aint that good though, i feel :P your blog's really getting interesting.

EUNICEEESH(: said...

ohyes, wanted to ask, what camera do you use? haha. you can shoot pretty far: e.g. the bird photograph!

Joe said...

I use a Canon SD800IS for most photos. It has a zoom capacity of 15X and a fast processor. Some of my shots are with my iPhone and they actually are not too bad.

I do want to purchase a better camera like a Nikon D80 that can really zoom !

SY said...

Where is this secret place u went? looks nice :)

EUNICEEESH(: said...

haha the place aint a secret no more. it's at an area around clementi (: