#05, Pre-trip post on Semakau

Tomorrow'll be my second time @ Semakau, my first time at the inter-tidal area. Yes, so before I actually go on the trip I'm here to do a pre-trip post. I'm pretty excited about it though I must admit, I have not done my homework totally (to read up on the inter-tidal creatures) because of the CNY break (my lazy bones are getting into me).


Alright, so basically it'll be a night exploratory walk over at Semakau. Just to list some animals we'd be seeing (that Ms Wang has told us to look out for):-

1. The Crabs: fiddler crabs, sand bubbler crabs, hairy crabs, swimming crabs, horse-shoe crab
2. The Sea Stars: common sea star, knobbly sea star, brittle star
3. The Worms: fan worm, flat acorn worm
4. The Flatworms
5. The Anemones: carpet anemone, peacock anemone
6. The Nudibranches (looks similar to flatworms)
7. The Soft & Hard Corals: mushroom coral,
8. The Flora & Fauna: the mangrove trees
9. The Others; onchidium, sponges, moon snail, hermit crab, sargassum (type of algae), seagrass, seahare & more!

It'll be coolness if clownfish, pufferfish, octopus, cowrie & giant clam were spotted!

Keywords; eaten, practical uses, camoflage, hide from predators, special, how/what's the diet/ eat, predators, hunted/hunter, venom, reproduction, young, symbiosis (commensalism, mutualism, parasitism), conservation

Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Hope to see these animals soon. Perhaps I'll start a check-list on the right hand side soon to see how many of these animals I've seen! (:

Don't scold me if you see weird random words popping out of the blog posts! Theyre here to help me memorize stuff! Haha

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