#03, Pulau Ubin

Yet another interesting trip to Pulau Ubin, this time with the Nature Photographic Society. Well basically, we were split up into 2 groups:- the macro peeps & the birders. Decided to flow along with the macro peeps. Just a stone throw's away from the jetty area, the macro corner had quite alot of interesting insects. We even manage to catch a pair of mating houseflies (:O).

The mimosa flower. Yes, it's the touch-me-not flower and usually closes when it is touched (name's self explanatory) but anyhoos, this is pretty much an example of a bad photograph. OOF (out-of-focus) too much.

Quite a large and heavy beetle, I must say; to the extent that the plant was actually drooping due to its weight. This beetle's very unique because it has a very odd-coloured surface (a mix of black and pale yellow grunge texture).

After spending some time at the macro spot, we moved up to Butterfly Hill, where the butterflies are supposedly abundant. Well, did see a few types of butterflies, such as the common yellow grass and the tiger butterflies (lots and lots of them). The wind was pretty strong though!

My first photograph successful of a butterfly that day... Haha. So presenting to you the Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus). It's very much like the Common Tiger, just only that the Common Tiger's veins are outlined black. (reference to http://butterflycircle.blogspot.com/2008/01/flying-tigers-of-singapore.html) Such butterflies are distasteful to predators and have such bright colours to ward off predators as well.

Bird pecking at the flower. Nectar me thinks. This was really a lucky photograph. In persuit of a butterfly, someone else actually spotted this bird :P

The bird looking up this time. Let me know if you know the ID of this bird! (:

Houseeeeeeefly, taken with a macro lens. Well it's probably the first time I got a housefly this close. They're all around ! (Horror) What is most distinct here is actually its RED compound eyes. I never really liked houseflies and it's scary to know that a housefly can lay up to 9000 eggs at one shot (which means 9000 maggots!!!!!) Okay, but I guess not all of them survive. Their sense organs are mostly on the hairs of their legs and thus they always clean their legs. :P (oh, the irony)

Moving on... Spotted this buggggg. You know, I have not the foggiest idea what this bug is ):

Ah I'd post the next batch of photographs another time! Ive got somemore. But for now... I'll retire. ! Cyasssssss all.

P.S. Im saving for a MACRO lens :P


SY said...

Wow, nice picture of the butterfly.

The bird should be a brown-throat sunbird or olive back sunbird. Probably a brown-throat from the bluish tint seen.

EUNICEEESH(: said...

hey thanks for ID & comment (: haha.