#04, Pulau Ubin (2nd Batch)

Here are my second batch of photographs from Ubin. Well I wont say that they're very good cos alot of it have OOF! ): Just a quick post before Im off to finish up on my Chinese homework (oh, the torture!)

A bee on the flower. You can hardly see the wings cos I was like parallel to it. ): Woohoo.

Another shot...

Treehopper! (I think) Well camoflaged eh.

Bee again! I like this pictur cos you can see the pollen pouch on the leg of the bee (: So cute right right right.

I think wasp arh. It kept going for this kinda flower so I "predicted" where it next would land and manage to get this shot! Hurrah.

Unique looking flower.

Well camo-bug again. It looks like a leaf. :P

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