Quote of the Day #02

It is most likely that warming will increase biomass production in various ecosystems (Rustad et al. 2001). However, projections of ecosystemperformance are difficult mainly because of uncertainties in the future distribution of water. The projected speed of climate change can exceed the dispersal capacities of many plant species. Even if long-term adjustments can be expected, on the time scale of decades and perhaps even centuries, regional losses of biodiversity are likely to occur. Furthermore, rapid shifts towards novel site conditions at a given sitemay not be followed by the organisms. Extreme climatic events can cause the local breakdown of populations (Breshears et al. 2005). This could result in declining ecosystem functionality (Royer et al. 2011). Consequences for ecosystem services are therefore to be expected.

From Carl Beierkuhnlein, Daniel Thiel, Anke Jentsch, Evelin Willner3and Juergen Kreyling.
Ecotypes of European grass species respond differently to warming and extreme drought.
2011 The Authors. Journal of Ecology 2011 British Ecological Society, Journal of Ecology, 99, 703–713

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