#64, Dairy Farm Nature Park Sightings!

Just a short update to let you know I am alive (lol).

Today MY and I went to Dairy Farm Nature Park in the morning! It was pouring at first but the sky soon cleared, so that's great! We saw some interesting thingies, and it was a nice & cooling walk especially just after the shower!

1. Tree Shrew , the animal on the right-hand side - We actually saw this but didn't manage to get a photo. It's really cute!

2. Maiden Veil Fungus, also known as the Stinkhorn - Wow! It's really pretty. It actually can be eaten! Look here. We saw a couple of other fungus growing as well, like the bright orange coloured ones and other white ones as well. Not sure what their IDs are.

3. A special Snail - Not sure of it's ID yet!

4. Black Mormon - We saw this as well, it fluttering about, sucking the nectar with its long probocis.

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