#47, The Mysterious Birds

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog! Been a little busy with school... but even then it's not excuse huh!

Anyways, I've spotted this mysterious group of birds by the canal twice but I can't ID them in the books... So maybe I shall just post their photos here (and the photo qualities are bad) and I'll be on my way to look for their ID. Anyone heeelp?

The canal is really teeming with life, many "water" birds are found around the area, rather well camouflage. Perhaps because of their small size as well, I couldn't get proper shots of them. During the holidays, I'll try to find time to capture their photos (:

Thanks to WQ's help in ID-ing this flock of birds - they are the White-crested Laughingthrush. They tend to flock in groups and are relatively easily found, at least in forested areas. Will find out more about them!


b-chan said...

hi hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. =)
Oh yeah about the bird, (from its crest) it looks like a white-crested laughingthrush (but I am not really sure though :P). But here's a picture to see whether if this is the bird you saw ^^

EUNICEEESH(: said...

hi hi (:

no problem! your blog's really nice.

anyway, wow i think you're spot on, it does look like the birds that I saw, as in the shape, especially so the head. thanks!

did some search and found that these birds flock in groups, so i guess they should be the ones, as the birds i found were in groups of 3-5. thanks again!