#25, Rich diversity of birds

EXAMS ARE O-V-E-R. Woohoo. (okay, that was a lil of an overeation) So hi!

Two's a company. Three's a crowd. Haha. There are so many birds around that it's almost a stampede. (just kidding anyw)


Recently, I was able to spend time downstairs around my house (actually it was excuse to take a break from studying). So, I kinda spent time "observing birds". I think birds are beautiful animals, especially those with colourful plumage. :)

Observing birds really allows one to relax and look at their behaviour, which is really surprising and amazing at some point or another. It's an exciting journey that I've taken and hope to keep up ;)

The following photographs were taken just downstairs my house, be amazed at the variety of birds. Frankly, I was REALLY amazed because I've lived here for a pretty much a long time (I define long as half my life?) but never really observed the birds. Perhaps they've always been around! It's quite cool cos my house is rather near the coast and near a forest-y area as well, so you get kingfishers and woodpeckers as well :)

The fruiting trees have attracted the birds quite a bit... and in the morning, you can actually hear them chirping away happily. There are birds pecking at the earth, trying to catch worms as well.

Spotted (1) Black-Naped Oriole (2) *Eurasian Tree Sparrow (3) *Pigeons (4) Barbet (5) Common Goldenbacked Woodpecker (6) *Javan Myna (7) Squirrels! (Yes, it's not a bird :P) (8) *Asian Glossy Starling - seen a group of them around (9) Collared Kingfisher (10) *Yellow-vented Bulbul

* very commonly spotted

This barbet's perching on the branch of a barren tree :) It's quite a popular perch I must say, cos Ive seen birds (of diff. species) perching on this tree. Seems like a clear "lookout point" for these birds, cos there are like no obstructive leaves. It's like what you call a bird's eye, panaromic view (pun intended!)

Yellow-vented Bulbul

Black-naped Oriole
Hehe this bird was being very very curious! Haha, it was like checking out its surroundings and looking around.

Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Awwwww I just love them. :) This fellow here has something in its mouth. I think they're omnivorous... Seen them pecking at the ground and plucking fruits of the trees.

Common Goldenbacked Woodpecker (hope I got the ID right!)
It was interesting to observe how the woodpecker moved up the branch. It appeared to be sliding up and down the branch in a fast manner. Haha but of course, I was quite far away from the bird so... yeah.

Nature never ceases to amaze:)


meiyi said...

wow how did u manage to identify those birds! so lihai haha anw cya soon this sat!(:

meiyi said...

o & yes I must agree w ya last sentence aha(:

EUNICEEESH(: said...

haha. i use a guidebook my fren lent me (hehe, cheat one) :) haha. yes nature (heart) (heart)

see you this sat too! can't wait!!

Joe said...

what are you going to school for?