#20, Walk to the Southern Ridges

The Southern-Ridges Walks encompasses the Marang Trail, Faber Walk, Henderson Wave, Hilltop Walk, Forest Walk, Alexandra Arc, HortPark and the Canopy Walk @ Kent Ridge. There's actually a trail all the way from Marang Trail to West Coast Park. Wooo~ Went there quite recently. The trail's pretty loooooooong and tiring, so getcha trekking shoes, lots of water and food reserves and lots of energy if you intend to go :)

Early and wonderful morning to trek :) Bright and sunny!

Chocolate Pansy (Thanks July for ID!)

Henderson waaaaaave! The architecture there's pretty cool. Lots of curves.

Spidey spidey, not sure of it's ID.

Taken at the Danish Seamen's Church. It's very old and has a large large bell-shaped roof.

View from the Henderson Waaaaaave, pretty nice cos you're super high up!

Philippine Glossy Starling

Noisy roosting flocks where its juvenile looks different from a matured adult. Feeds mainly on fruits and hardly visits the ground.

Source: A Photographic Guide to BIRDS of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore (Thanks Daryl!)

Pitcher Plant Nepenthes rafflesiana]

Hilltop walk! It was high elevation once again. Halfway, the thingy was actually shaking! Was it going to topple?! O.o

Kent Ridge! :] Less hot here, but quite a monotonous walk through here.



The graduation of colours in the flowers. Hahah reminds me of blending, in genetics!

Wizard of Ozzzzzzzzz characters! Cooooool. The witch is freaky though. Like the Tin Man (:

L-R: Orchid reflected on the pool of water, Purple & White Orchid, Peeenk flower

This poooooor mormon was trapped in the room ): Ah well, it's really a pretty butterfly anyw!


Joe said...

Awesome shots!

EUNICEEESH(: said...

Thanks! :]

Siyang said...

Thanx for the well wishes :) pity cant see u next week during ur attachment~ going back to serve the nation ^^

DreamerJuly said...

Hi Eunice,

The butterfly you have for the second picture is a Chocolate Pansy.



EUNICEEESH(: said...

oops didn't see this, but thanks july! =)