#09a, Nature Walk @ Ubin

Today, I went over to Pulau Ubin with a few of the Red Cross members. Well, they were there to recce the place for a camp that they'll be having real soon (: - Fion asked me along, so figured that it'll be a good chance for me to do some do some nature exploration/ photography/ appreciation, so I tagged along.

Pulau Ubin, as beautiful as ever! Once again, this is descriptive post, not anything scienc-ey. Also don't mind the bad photographs! Dont really like the lot of them.


When we first reached the jetty, it was actually pouring. Thankfully, the clouds cleared pretty fast though the feeling was still pretty glooooooomy.

A lone half-shell. I don't know what's the black stuff but we trodded through the sandy area with some of these black stuff around. I think it's decomposing material? Not very sure at all.

[Anyw, we should not take sea shells away from the shore. They're super essential for the ecosystem as this shell left behind is to be recycled, in a sense that it returns to the environment.]

Fluuuuuuuff fluffy fluffy. We found these swaying to the wind. It was a pretty sight. As we "advanced" to Butterfly Hill, we saw many of these.

Dried plant I think. Many many many of these drooping already. Tendrils growing on these plants as well.

Lines and more lines; both vertical & horizontal. See the pattern?

You need to HEART nature (: Well, you can start a part by not throwing rubbish just about anywhere in the forest area, or others. If you wana go a mile further, you could start picking up rubbish too! It helps.

It reminds me of the SwordFish story I heard in Primary School. It has really quite a gruesome ending if you know about the story. The boy was later killed by the king because of ENVY & the boy's blood spreaded all over a hill and the place became "Red Hill".

So, appreciate nature & the beauty it has to offer. (:


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