#84, Insects @ BTNR

Made a short night trip to BTNR, here are some photos taken. Insects really do seem to be more active at night in general, there was a whole hive of activity going on, the ants were all foraging, lots of leaf litter amphipods hopping about. Even the blattodeas and orthopterans were out to feed.

Mr Snail.

 Tiger Beetle Cicindela arulenta

Milipede (Class Diplopoda)

Scorpion-like spider (Arachnura sp.) which actually mimicks the shape of a leaf.


Darkling Beetle.

This family of beetles may be identified by a combination of features, including :
  • An 11-segmented antenna which may be filiform, moniliform, or weakly clubbed.
  • First abdominal sternite entire and not divided by the hind coxae. (need to look at the underside)
  • Eyes notched by a frontal ridge. (look @ head)
  • Tarsi have four segments in the hind pair and 5 in the fore and mid legs (5-5-4.) The tarsal claws are simple (no extra hairs). 
~Adapted from Wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkling_beetle 
Flower Chafer beetle


Ornate Cockroach

With thanks to Zestin who was talking about all the ID throughout the trips :P Haha. Thank you!


Shawn said...

Wow, great photos, esp the Tiger Beetle and Katydid! :)

Eunice Soh said...

thanks Shawn! :)