#83, Follow-ups in research

It seems like many reports in research conclude and end with "further studies must be done to have more conclusive data". It seems like there is no one to follow up with these studies. Most of them are just left off as it is, and there is no continuity. I'm just wondering if Professors should take the onus upon them to see if other students would 'continue' the project that the preceding student has done, because once the project is just 'left-off' like that, there is no information building.

It seems also that research is something that people take up (because the idea sounds extremely exciting and fun), and then give up after the first project, after realizing it is not all that glamorous as it is made out. Research is a long process - preparation, data collection, testing hypothesis, analysing data AND one does not always get results. One has to constantly stimulate his/her brains to come out with ideas when met with a roadblock. It's by no means repetitive work.

I don't know.. just my two cents and.. I hope that I don't give up after my first project (on the ants at BTNR and CCNR). I must admit, it was difficult!

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