#82, Toddycats Engage Today!

Today the RMBR Toddycats trooped down to Geylang East Library for a session of sharing about the mammals and birds (otters, wild boars, jungle fowl, greater mousedeer, sunbears, civet cats etc.)

Will blog another day but photos will do the talking for now.

Skull display, showing the mammals and reptiles (higher organisms); trying to contrast between homodonts and heterodonts.

Precious dino bone (part of the vertebrae, if you are interested to know), from a specimen that was found 50cm away from 'Twinky', one of the three Diplodocus sauropods to be displayed at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in 2014.

Snake skeleton, most intriguingly prepared by Oi Yee (one of the very experienced guides, and previously a staff at the RMBR) back in the 1960s; she went through lots of chemical procedures on the snake, from dissecting,  staining, fixing the stain, adding right preservatives (glycol or something of that sort) at different times all at the right precision. She even made the plastic box herself! Wonderful stuff.

Jocelin sharing her thoughts about the fish bones with a little inquisitve boy.

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