#76, Notebook scraps: Sightings @ Ulu Pandan Canal

Again, today as I was walking down the canal, there were quite many birds around, chirping happily (or so I'd like to believe). It was a nice cool (but sunny) walk because it was just 9am, but everything around was so beautiful because the sun illuminated them nicely (dang I should have brought my camera).

Anyway, there were quite a lot of birds I couldn't ID though I saw the male/female Olive-backed Sunbird, egrets & even green parakeets and the lone purple heron that stood on the metal railings at the canal.

Then midway, I saw this pretty snake (too bad I didn't bring my camera down, I should have); I'm really really not sure of the species but it was about 1/2 - 3/4 of a metre, and iridiscent with a purple base colour; it was quite a fat snake too, so I doubt it can pass off as a whip snake. I guess it was 'sun-tanning' after a cold night. Oh well.... ):

[Edit] I wonder if it is the shore pit viper though it's highly unlikely because the snake I saw didn't have such a defined triangular head and furthermore, it was rather glossy than matte. I really have a foggy memory of it now, sob! [/Edit]

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Zestin said...

haha hey your website and photos are amazing! As expected of the FMSS media club pro! I'd really like to have the chance to learn some wildlife photography skills from you, and maybe go on a nature trip together too! (: