#73, Notebook scraps: Ulu Pandan Canal

Interesting photograph of how the grass were covered for a period of 3 days and they lost some of their chlorophyll.


Alrighties, I haven't done a proper post in a long long time; partially because there was no break in between working and school life! ): Sadly. The advent of Facebook has made everything so simple (like uploading a photograph from my handphone directly up on Facebook); it's made me lazy to blogpost too (haha but since I've deactivated my Facebook account...)
Yup so today I went jogging. Before jogging, it was nice to see the usual birds around, the pink-necked pigeon, the collared kingfisher, yellow-vented bulbuls, black-naped oriole around. In particular, there were quite many pink-necked pigeon, because the palm tree was fruiting. Surprisingly, the floor was littered with seeds as well.

Observation 1: Pigeons are quite scary actually (despite its docile looks)! Both a pink-necked pigeon and myna was on a infructescence of fruits but when the myna came closer to the pigeon, the pigeon actually showed some aggression to it.
Observation 2: Pigeons can eat alot, and really fast. The pigeons were literally gobbling down the palm fruits. *nom nom nom*
Observation 3: Pigeons can hang upside down to eat! It's actually quite a cute sight.

I was trying to look out for algae/bryophytes but failed to do so. I can't identify them properly still. (putting biodiversity knowledge into use)

Haha oky that aside, here are some photos I accumulated... taken with my handphone!

A dead bee. I have a knack for spotting dead things.

Here's a spider, the web-weaving kind.

I suppose this is one of the hunting spiders! (spider link)

One of the interesting insects I saw a while back. I think it's a caterpillar? I don't know!!

And then recently I spotted a dead emerald dove.

How our local cats have lost the will to eat fresh meat- haha! (a lady always feeds them with cat feed) Sorry or maybe they don't even eat birds in the first place. I dont know.



In a few days, it was reduced to this.... Such is the power of our friendly decomposers, carnivorous insects etc.

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