#65, Project Semakau Hunter Hide-and-Seeking!

Yup. So... have not beeen to Semakau in a very long time indeed. It was a nice feeling going back! :) Was paired up with Wenqing this time...

Here are a number of creatures spotted:-

Swimming Crab

A drill-like shell. Not sure what it is! We had to 'capture' it in a ziplock bag for further identification.

Wenqing spotted the Knobbly Sea Star. She was really happy with the find! It's tube feet were fully extended out and moving about...
Sandfish sea cucumber. It was quite a huge one!
Black-lipped Conch. This was found in the seagrass lagoon, rather camouflaged.
Can you guess what this is?
It's the Sentinel Crab! It's eyestalks can be tucked away nicely on the side, making it look very rectangularish indeed.

Hermit crab living in a shell not of its own. It's not a true crab and has to migrate from "shell to shell" when it grows larger.

Sea whelk.
We managed to see a few flatworms, nudibranch (black margined), dog-faced water snake, brittle star, fanworms too! That concludes the hunter seeking trip! :)

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