#61, Part I: Semakau guiding with the Seaslugs/Flatworms!

I was guiding with the Sea Slugs group yesterday. I had a great time, as usual! On this trip, we got to see the huuuuge animals! And we also saw three different types of flatworms and "recruited" them into our group.

What we saw at the Intertidals:

(a) Huge Oscellated Sea Cucumber
(b) Ball Moon Snail (!)
(c) Fiddler Crabs at the Bakau Trees
(d) Sandfish Sea Cucumber
(e) Common Sea Star
(f) Oysters
(g) Sponges (Pink, Blue, Yellow, Brown)
(h) Hairy Crab x 3
(i) Flatworms x 3 types (Beige flatworm, Orange-Striped flatworm, Persian-carpet flatworm) (!)
(j) Knobbly Sea Star
(k) Polka-dotted Nudibranch
(l) Giant Carpet Anemone with Anemone Shrimp
(m) Synaptid Sea Cucumber
(n) Giant Clam x 2 (juvenile & adult)
(o) Many casts of the Acorn Worm
(p) Eggs of the Spiral Melongela
(q) Pimply Leathery Coral
(r) Smooth Leathery Coral (!)

& the same Bracket fungus was there at the logs! Brown spores were present again. How interesting...

Will post again with photographs soon (I hope).

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