#56, Part I: Guiding with the Mangroves!

Location: Pulau Semakau
Date: 12 June, Friday
Time: 7+ am onwards

Sand bar

(a) Fiddler Crab
(b) Gobies & Shrimps
(c) Creeper Snails
(d) Nerites
(e) Sponges
(f) Small Hermit Crabs
(g) Bakau Tree (Mangrove)
(h) Oysters
(i) Snapping Shrimps
(j) Fanworm, of brown colouration
(k) Small Noble Volute
(l) Beaded Anemone, Banded

Seagrass lagoon

(a) Synaptid Sea Cucumber
(b) Spider Conch
(c) Giant Carpet Anemone

Coral rubble

(a) Mushroom Sunflower Coral
(b) Marine Spider
(c) Octopus
(d) Hairy Crabs x 6
(e) Stonefish Sea Cucumber
(f) Juvenile Brown-spotted Moray Eel (ID?)
(g) Juvenile Giant Clam
(h) Cowrie
(i) Sand-sifting Sea Stars, there were many small ones
(j) Knobbly Sea Stars x 2
(k) Juvenile Cushion Star
(l) Hard Corals
(m) Zoanthids

Reef Edge

(a) Seahorse
(b) Nudibranch - Polka-dotted Nudibranch (Gymnodoris funebris), Pimply Phyllid Nudibranch (Phyllidiella pustulosa)
(c) Flatworm - Blue-lined Flatworm (Pseudoceros species)
(d) Red Swimming Crab

Other non-intertidal creatures

(a) Carpenter Bee
(b) Bracket Fungus that was releasing spores

*The new way I'll blog now for my exploratory/guiding trips:

- Part (I) of the trip will be a checklist of the items we seen, even the common
ones, the interesting ones will be highlighted in RED, according to their habitat.
- Part (II) of the trip will be a photograph collection of the interesting/notable/new creatures that we found on the way.
- Scientific names will be Italicised and in brackets next to the common name.
- Questionable IDs will have a tag like this: (ID?)

That way, I'll learn more (I think) haha. :)

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