#52, Intertidal Walk with Tampines Secondary

It was a wonderful morning to be at the Semakau intertidal area on Easter Sunday!

We had to wake up really early in the morning to be at the Marina Jetty (4.30 am) :) It was my first morning walk; and also the first walk that I guided a group alone! However, I didn't bring my camera this time, so there won't be any photographs. ):

So... On reaching Semakau, we had to walk through the road to the intertidal area. It was a cool and breezy walk, IMO it was enjoyable! Then on reaching the forest, we had to put on repellant before going into the forest. (well, another way of overcoming the mozzies is to wear long-sleeved tees & pants)

We saw the following animals:-
1. The New Seastar (that seemed to be bigger) - It's ID? I'm not sure
2. Polka-dotted Nudibranch x 2, Green Ceratosoma Nudibranch x2
3. Mangrove trees - the Bakau and Sonneratia
4. Noble Volute laying eggs
5. Sea Urchin
6. Swimming Anemone
7. Carpet Anemone - but no clownfish or shrimp again ):
8. A baby Giant Clam! :D
9. The adult Giant Clam - finally got to see it, yay!
10. Soft corals
11. Hard corals
12. Eggs of the Moon Snail - sand collar
13. Fiddler Crabs
14. Flatworm
15. Swimming Crabs
16. Hairy Crabs
17. Knobbly Seastar
18. Synaptid Sea Cucumber
19. Acorn Casts (many of them!)
20. Sawedged Spooner Etisus utilis, a type of crab - got this from R's blog
21. Cowrie
22. Sandsifting Seastars

Next time I will try to ID the corals.

I had a wonderful time.................. now it's back to school......... Goodbye!

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Marc said...

Ahaha. Remember me? :D

Oh gosh I didn't bring a camera either.. such a waste ><

Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed it. Although I didn't get to see a Sand Dollar. Heehee.


eunice said...

hi marc

yes of course i do remember you, esp so for your famous "saying", tsk tsk.

anyway, i hope you learnt a thing or two about nature, and er, I saw your blog, did I really say something about breaking the seastar's arm and it'll regenerate? well, i did put it in a very crude way but it does occur in nature, like when some other animal bites the arm off (not like when we break it!!!!!! >:()

sand dollars are usually found in areas where the sand is more fine. (according to ron, an experienced guide) i've seen them at chek jawa. but anyway, you can visit www.wildsingapore.com for more information about them.


Marc said...

Of course I enjoyed it :D Except for the part where the horde of mosquitoes made a buffet out of my leg D:< (I counted... 17 bites.)

Ummfftt and I wanna go there again. XD