#43, Sungei Buloh

Went to Sungei Buloh with Ag and MY today :) It's really nice! Been wanting to go there for some time.. The weather was really cooling.

We went for the fish tour there, and it was pretty good. Learnt more about the mangrove fishes i.e. oriental sole, halfbeaks, mallets, archerfish etc. We saw many spiders along the way as well, such as the St. Andrew's Cross Spider Argiope mangal and the Golden Orb Spider Nephila pilipes, and a weaver ant nest.

There were pockets of mangroves but I didn't quite know how to ID them. Saw the Avicennia and Rhizophora genus. On the way back, I saw a bunch of scaly-breasted munias! :)Yep, definitely an enjoyable trip!

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas (in the season ay!) These are Sea Holly. Resembles the mistletoe :)

Observation tower. Really cooliooos.

The path from the observation tower.

The nice nice scenery. It was low-tide and many telescope snails were exposed. They were large! We saw egrets and sandpipers (I think), around. We even saw 2 collared kingfishers and one storkbilled kingfisher- it caught fish and was enjoying its meal. Sadly, we did not see any otters but we did see fishes jumping out of the water, a tell-tale sign that there could have been otters underwater. Another reason why these fishes jump is because they are swimming to close to each other, according to the guide at Sungei Buloh.

Ehh I cant remember what this fish is, but it's fresh water. Learnt that if the fish mouth is pointed upwards, it tends to be a fish that stays near the surface of the water. And vice versa for fishes pointing straight and downwards. :)

The beautiful clouds. This is the brackish water: a mix of the salt water and fresh water. This "stream" is leading seaward.

Munias! Haha, but it's a lil too small to see. My telephoto lens is spoilt, you see ):

Bye-bye! :)
Thanks Siyang for helping the spidey correct mistake. :)


Siyang said...

wow, u joined a guided tour there? Nice :)

Btw Nephila maculata is changed to N. pilipes now.

EUNICEEESH(: said...

hehe, yep but we only went for the fish tour, a very short one.. we saw robert there too!

oki thanks for the info (: (: