#42, St John's Island

Yep, so a bunch of us went over to St. John's island for an overnight trip :) It was really fun! When we reached, we got orientated ourselves with the place, and boy, the dorms there are really nice.

These are the weaver ants that all came out their next, because I kinda "touched" their nest.

A spider found at the mangove area.

The sea poison flower that bloomed- it already had dropped to the ground. ): The poison of the sea poison is used to poison paralyze little fishies.

Such a nice spot to sit, rest and relax! :)

The Land Hermit Crab, that has a purple body. This hermit crab has chosen a real terrestrial snail shell as its home! Hee hee, it is so cute!


Cat meowwwwwww. This cat really followed us around. Anyw most cats there love to meowwww at us! Haha they're really friendly.

Rhizophora mangroves.

The red stipule and leaves of the rare Rhizophora apiculata.

The fruit of the Avicennia marina.

Roots of the Avicennia.

Teddy bear crab! :) They are mildly poisonous because they feed on zoanthids and very well camouflaged. This crab here was found in one of the rock crevices. It's smalllll.


Squid eggs! Ag spotted it. Nice, we also watched the Blue Planet and saw the episode on squid spawning also! Really cool.

Snapping Shrimp. The crustacean responsible for the "tuck, tuck" sound at the Intertidals.

7-legged sand-sifting seastar. Super coooool. It seems like three arms grew out of one area...

Red ribbon worm, they can be very voracious hunters! They eat other intertidal critters.

Octopus that was really in a small holeeee.

E. called this the "Small Little Red Crab". According to Ron, it is a red Fiddler Crab (female, I should think)!

Leaf slug! It was found on a Mermaids' Fan (algae/ seaweed) The colour is really pretty - dark green with an orange and black outline.

The boats.

I traced out the frog fish here a lil, it really resembles a frog! They have lures to trap other fishes.

Brown egg crab. I remember at Satumu I also shot a close relative of this crab- the Red egg crab!

Black sea cucumber.

Anemone shrimp in the untouchable touch pool - it was on a bulb-tip anemone.

In the morning, we tried to go bird watching but it was rainy and most of the birds would have gone into "hiding". ): Oh well. Soon, it was time to say goodbye to the island: the tide was very high when we left...

P.S. Yay, new blog skin, I love it but I cant troubeshoot the dates part! ):

Thanks to Ron for correcting some mistakes I had in this blog post!

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