#39, Semakau! :)

Oops, have been missing in action quite a bit these days! Sorry about that.

But anyway, I went to Semakau today, to help out with hunter-seeking. Everytime I'm there I learn lots of new things- I'm really still very new to all the things there cos there's just so much to learn from nature, about nature.

Had team mates R and YW in the team, and it was really great ;) We moved off to the far right of the transect area, that is, if you're facing the sea- a part of Semakau that I've not been to, and where the corals seem less-disturbed (more pristine?).

We spotted:
1. Alligator pipefish
2. Stonefish (hardly seen at Semakau, had initially thought it was a dead fish cos it hardly moved!)
3. Seahorse
4. Noble Volute (two of them!)
5. Various Sea grasses (mainly Enhalus) and Seaweeds (various species such as the turfing algae, mermaid's fan in red, etc.)
6. Fan Worms
7. Swimming Crabs
8. Sandfish sea cucumber
9. Tomato Clownfish in a Bubble tip anemone (it was a big big clownfish)
10. Corals of course! - Boulder coral (Favites), Brain coral, Dead man's fingers (soft coral), Anemone coral, lots of mushroom corals!
11. Cuttlefish (two of them)

And the "usuals"; I don't really know the exact species, but will look at the photographs and try to ID them soon:

12. Hairy Crab
13. Sand Bubbler Crab
14. Drills
15. Nerites
16. Fan shells
17. Oysters
18. Ascidians
19. Zoanthids
20. And many other crabs that were unknown
21. Lots of sand collars
22. Baby butterfly fish
23. Carpet Anemone

Oh yes, YW and I saw some transparent jelly-like thingy, and we really have no idea what it is. It can't be a jellyfish cus there were no stinging cells on the underside. I don't have a photograph of it though. I think YW has.

Will blog more in detail another day, for now it's just the checklist of stuff we spotted.

Thanks to SY & Ron for correcting some mistakes.

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