#36, Was just wondering

Oopsies. Im sorry for the lack in updates and photographs (my camera's CF is lost) I will get one soon anyhows.

Anyw I was just wondering. Are the junevile animals less frightened of humans? It seems so, because I could actually stand at a particular spot for 5-10 minutes just observing a "juvenile" squirrel (assuming it is, because it looked much smaller than the usual size) - and I could round the tree trunk it was on.

*have got camera handphone photographs but far too embarrassed to post them up*


Joe said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your camera. What are you planning to get for a replacement?

EUNICEEESH(: said...

ha, i didn't lose my camera. i lost my CF card. but i got a new one anyw! thanks for asking.

Joe said...

A CFC card is MUCH cheaper than a new camera!