#22, Semakau Guiding (Jurongville Sec)

Did my second Semakau guiding OJT last Sat. I guess I really really underperformed but it's alright, I'll try again! The kids from Jurongville secondary are a nice bunch(: Heh heh they were really attentive and all.

The fun-loving bunch of students:)

And guess what what what. We actually saw Dolphins on our Journey there!! So coolios! :) It's really quite rare and requires a sharp eye like SY (who spotted it) to spot it!

The kids were really interested in the oscellated sea cucumber.

Ah it was really a good day cos the hunter seekers really found lots of exotic creatures.

1. Oscellated sea cucumber
2. Nudibranches (3 diff species alt. incl. the polkadotted nudi)
3. Seahorse!
4. Upside-down jellyfish
5. Flatworms (one of it got torn ):)
6. Sea stars (Knobbly & Sand-sifting)
7. Fan worm
8. Pufferfish
9. Anemone
10. Anemone shrimp
11. Clownfishie:)
12. Crabs (Sand bubbler & Hairy crab)
13. Zoanthids
14. Mushroom coral
15. Creeper snail
16. Shells (Turban shell & Top shell, *dead fan shell)

Hmmmmmm what else?... Hope Ive said majority of what we actually saw!

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